Hunston CarBoot

We hold a car boot on our land every Saturday. As this is an open-air event we are subject to weather conditions.

We don’t open on any other days.

We utilise Facebook to provide information on whether we are open or closed. Please follow the FB page in order to keep updated.

Currently, we have guidelines in place to help control the spread of Covid-19, these can be found on our Facebook page. We expect both sellers and buyers to adhere to them. Click here for seller guidelines and here for buyer guidelines.

We have toilets on site.

We have a food truck on site.
We have enabled online ordering and secure online payment and also continue with traditional cash payments.
Sellers can order & pay online and have items delivered to their pitch.
Buyers can order & pay online and collect from the food truck.

We open our gates, for sellers at 07:00hrs
We open the entrance for buyers at 07:30hrs. (remain in your vehicle till then)

Q&A (some of the questions we get asked)

Q: When are you open?
A: Saturdays, if the weather allows. For example we wont open if; it’s raining, very windy or if the previous day saw lots of rainfall.

Q: Are you open on a Bank Holiday?
A: We only open Saturdays.

Q: Are you open?
A: If it is a Saturday and the weather is fine. Yes. Check our facebook page.

Q: What can I sell?
A: Anything (legal). However, we do not allow catering trucks.

Q: Do I have to reserve a pitch?
A: No, just turn up.

Q: How much is a pitch?
A: You can find that information on our FB page HERE.

Q: When can I pack up?
A: We typically allow movement of vehicles from 12pm. However if it is very busy, that can be delayed.